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Cwej: The Series was a series of stories published by Arcbeatle Press. It starred the character of Chris Cwej, a former companion to the Seventh Doctor originating in the Virgin New Adventures.

It also featured guest appearances from characters starring in other series, some of which were related to Doctor Who and some not. For example, Flickering Flame featured the licensed appearance of Iris Wildthyme, while A Bright White Crack featured Lady Aesculapius, who originated in the 10,000 Dawns series.


Title Release date
Down the Middle 28 October 2020[1]
Hidden Truths 2022[2]
Seasons[3] 2022[3]
Fate[4] TBA

Bonus short stories[]

Title Author Featuring Release date Printed in
Barnyard of the Cyberons Tyche McPhee Letts Larles, Kwol, Aesc, Cyberons, Tina, Frey 21 September 2020 Cyberon

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