Cuttin' Edge was an ex-marine and Dalek bounty hunter paid by Earth Command to hunt Daleks. He appeared to find both Jon Bowman and the Tenth Doctor attractive. At one point he said he believed the Doctor to be Skaro's "Poster Boy".

He first met the Tenth Doctor after he had to land on the planet Hurala. The Wayfarer was attacked by pirates. Captain Jon Bowman rescued the Doctor from a trap, but the Daleks ambushed the Doctor, him and his crew. Stella, a crewmember, was killed in the attack. The crew's next mission was to take Stella's body back to her home planet, Auros. On arrival they discovered that the planet was in flames. It had been blown up by Osterhagen technology. Meanwhile, the team had captured a Dalek and the Doctor had gotten some information out of it — they were planning to take control of time on the planet Arkheon.

The crew landed and were captured by the Daleks. Cuttin' Edge was assigned to hard labour by Command Dalek. When the Doctor refused to give the TARDIS to Dalek X, Dalek X threatened to exterminate Cuttin' Edge, his crewmate Koral and two other workers, a mother and daughter. The Doctor accepted, but as the TARDIS needed a crew of six, he asked that it be piloted by himself, Captain Bowman, Cuttin' Edge, Koral and the mother and daughter. Dalek X refused and told the Doctor to make do with a crew of four. Koral and Cuttin' Edge were taken aboard the Exterminator. After arriving on Hurala, Cuttin' Edge created a diversion to let the others escape by attacking and killing the Dalek that had exterminated his only friend Scrum. He was exterminated by Dalek X moments later, but grabbed another Dalek as he died so that the blast killed them both. Cuttin' Edge's sacrifice enabled the Doctor, Bowman and Koral to rig the artronic fuel in the depot to explode, destroying the Dalek fleet and effectively winning the Second Dalek War. (PROSE: Prisoner of the Daleks)

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