Fishy snacks

The Doctor enjoys fish fingers and custard. (TV: The Eleventh Hour)

Custard was a yellow dairy product which was consumed on Earth.

The First Doctor, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright and Susan Foreman had frozen custards when they visited St. Louis on their road trip across the U.S. in 2006. (PROSE: The Mother Road)

Whilst on the Crooked World, the Eighth Doctor deliberately imagined (and therefore created) a custard pie gun, which he used to rescue Fitz Kreiner. (PROSE: The Crooked World) He later had a bowl of chocolate custard on Espero. (PROSE: Halflife) He found a tin of custard in the larder of Edward Grove, though Charley Pollard voiced a distinct dislike of it. (AUDIO: The Chimes of Midnight)

The Tenth Doctor claimed that custard cream biscuits were "the best". (PROSE: Code of the Krillitanes)

Shortly after his regeneration, a hungry Eleventh Doctor couldn't find any food palatable except custard with fish fingers dipped into it, a dish he called "fish custard". (TV: The Eleventh Hour) Fish fingers and custard became an important part of the Doctor's friendship with Rory and Amy.[additional sources needed]

When repositioning his ship close to the Gateway, Rorvik ordered that "I want a landing that wouldn't ripple the skin off a custard". (TV: Warriors' Gate)

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