Nurse Curtis was an emergency room nurse at Walker General Hospital in San Francisco at the dawn of the 21st century.

Curtis was on duty when the Seventh Doctor was brought in on 30 December 1999 after suffering gunshot wounds. She brought attention to the Doctor's X-rays, which showed that he had two hearts. Neither Nurse Wheeler or Dr Salinger, who removed the Doctor's non-fatal bullets, gave the X-rays credence. She also assisted in Dr Grace Holloway's unsuccessful cardiac surgery on the Doctor. The following day, the Master arrived at the hospital impersonating the ambulance driver that brought the Doctor into the hospital, Bruce. The Master told Curtis that he was under orders to move the Doctor. When Curtis said he died, the Master corrected his statement to say he had orders to move his body. In the wake of his unexplained disappearance, Curtis responded that the Doctor's body was "stolen" and that his "things" were taken by the kid that brought him to the ambulance. (TV: Doctor Who)

Behind the scenes Edit

The novelisation reveals details not present in the film. It gives Curtis' first name as "Shelly". It also describes her as "junior" to Nurse Wheeler.

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