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Curios was the fifty-fourth story in the Torchwood audio series by Big Finish Productions. It was written by James Goss.

Publisher's summary[]

During World War Two, the Torchwood Archive has been stowed away in a Welsh coal mine along with countless other treasures. Bilis Manger is among them. And there's something hunting him in the dark.

Jill has been sent to catalogue the collection. She's on her own, she's in disgrace and there's something hunting her on the slopes of the mountain.


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  • Lizbeth Hayhoe sent Jill Anderson on the assignment.
  • Bilis Manger is trapped in the Torchwood Archive due to him "accidentally" being part of the collection. The monster that follows Jill in the shadows is Manger's bodyguard.
  • Bilis uses the role of the genie in the lamp to attempt to strike a deal with Jill, his freedom for her wishes. He references Aladdin.
  • Bilis refuses to elaborate as to whether he stands for good or evil.
  • Jill notes that, despite being trapped within the Archive, Bilis does not require food to survive. Furthermore, she notes that he has the ability to manifest his frustration into the entities that went on to kill the workers that had come before her. She reaches the conclusion that Bilis is perhaps more than just human. When she approaches him on this, Bilis brushes her off and mentions that he has sherry and the cake that she brought.
  • Jill is able to discern that no-one above ground knows about Bilis by keeping his existence to herself. When she eventually brings this up with him, he is impressed with her and admits that he is an "accidental prisoner".
    • Bilis explains that his accidental imprisonment was due to his attraction to the Torchwood artefacts in the Archive. Upon his arrival, it became clear to him that the high concentration of radium surrounding the mine was leaving him unable to use his powers to leave. His frustration at his circumstance caused the creatures, which had attacked and killed the workers that had come before Jill Anderson.


  • This story was recorded remotely on 7 April 2021 by Mayfield Records and Will Wadham.


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