The Cult of Shining Darkness was dedicated to destroying all of robot kind. The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble encountered a faction which almost succeeded.

History Edit

The Cult of Shining Darkness was created by a woman called Knhu em Llodis. She was an organic extremist who wanted to kill every robot not under her control, believing them dangerous non-sentients. She started a cult and recruited several members. They planned and built a huge space station called the Torch which they hid inside the black hole Sentilli. It was designed to take over every robot in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Khnu died mysteriously and the Cult was quiet for about two years. Then, Garaman Havati took control of its remnants. He began a new mission: to build a device to free the Torch from Sentilli. He set up a team and searched for the components for the device. However, they were followed by a group of supporters of mechanical life onboard a ship called the Sword of Justice. Garaman placed Li'ian, a spy on the ship to monitor their activities.

The Cult visited Chao, Uhlala, Karris and Junk (closely followed by the Sword of Justice) to gather the four components for the device. During the beam up of the component on Uhlala, they unintentionally picked up Donna Noble. The Doctor joined the Sword of Justice to get Donna back. During their attempt to activate the Torch, the crew of the Sword of Justice detonated an antimatter bomb on board the cultist's ship. The remaining members of the Cult were killed in the explosion. It is not known if any were active after that. (PROSE: Shining Darkness)

Members Edit