Cully was a Dulcian and son of their leader Senex.

Cully was a brash and independent young man who sought excitement and adventure as a way of breaking up what he considered a boring situation on his own world. He ran an illegal touring business that took other curious youths to places all over Dulkis, some of which were forbidden due to irradiation. On one of his tours to the Island of Death with a few youths, he discovered, after practically crashing their ship, the apparent lack of radiation where there should have been a very high level. His companions, believing that they had been cheated by Cully, broke away from him and observed several strange people and a robot moving about. Cully observed them from atop a hill and tried to warn them of impending danger. He was unsuccessful and saw them all die. After narrowly evading the Dominators by hiding behind the TARDIS, he later met up with another party of Dulcians on a study mission and they were eventually introduced to the Second Doctor and his companions. Cully continued to warn of hostile aliens but he was dismissed as a prankster. Cully developed a friendship with Zoe and they both set off in a pod for the capital. There, his story was met with even more opposition as both the state council and his father disbelieved him. As the threat became more apparent, Cully along with the Doctor's companions helped fight the Dominators, participating in numerous acts of sabotage with Jamie McCrimmon against them. (TV: The Dominators)

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