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Cuddlesomes were living toys developed by Ronald Turvey and his company, Turvey Co., in the 1980s.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Unit A's[edit | edit source]

Unit A's — or prototypes — were the original Cuddlesomes and were loyal to Turvey. They saw him as a father figure. Unit As functioned by adding a recording of the owners name into sentences such as "I love you, John". This function was far ahead of its time. Angela Wisher described them as pink hamsters.

Secretly, Ronald Turvey had added a lubrication agent into each Cuddlesome, allowing it to effectively come alive. Each Cuddlesome contained a virus designed to kill the target. The speed at which this took effect depended on the target's metabolism.

Each Unit A had a recall signal that would activate it and have it return to the warehouse in which they were created. This could be altered to function as a transmitter, allowing an individual Cuddlesome to summon others.

Unit B's[edit | edit source]

Unit B's were the creation of the Tinghus. They were similar to the Unit A's but used a different vocabulary and had American accents. One of the major differences between the two types was that Unit B's carried a virus that would mutate the target into a Tingha, rather than killing it.

History[edit | edit source]

In the 1980s, the Cuddlesomes sold six million units, making Turvey Co. the best selling toy manufacturer in the world. When Turvey was arrested for tax fraud, the company stop developing Cuddlesomes and the Tinghus went into hibernation.

After his release, Turvey activated the recall signal and his Cuddlesome woke. If there owners had left them alone for a long time, they infected them with the virus. Cuddlesome 27O5A infected John Dixon, but his slow metabolism let him survive. The two formed a bond, each emotionally dependent on the other.

The Tinghus had his Unit Bs destroy the Turvey's recall signal and kill the Unit As present in Turvey's warehouse. To combat this, Turvey turned Cuddlesome 27O5A into a recall signal and the Unit As began returning and attacking the Unit Bs.

When Miranda Evenden, mutated by the Cuddlesome virus, killed Turvey, she broke his link with the Tinghus, killing both of them as well as the Cuddlesomes. (AUDIO: Cuddlesome)

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