The Cuculus were a species of bird-like aliens. They were known to possess the inhabitants of planets, replacing their minds with Cuculus minds.

Technology Edit

The Cuculus lived in purple, egg-shaped spaceships. In the centre chamber was a psychic crystal which they used to implant their minds in other people. These possessed people could be identified by their glowing purple eyes. The Cuculus could drain the minds of people using a purple liquid, which was done by submerging the person in the ooze.

The Cuculus were also known for their skills in locks and imprisonment, using deadlock seals. (PROSE: Houdini and The Space Cuckoos)

History Edit

In 1920, the Cuculus invaded Earth, starting with New York City. The Eleventh Doctor was there to stop them, though he wanted the help of Harry Houdini for his escape skills. Using possessed humans, the Cuculus tried to capture the Doctor and Harry, until the Doctor eventually gave up. The Doctor was placed in a case of brain-draining liquid to gain his knowledge of the universe, while Harry was locked in a cell. Harry easily escaped and was able to free the Doctor. The Doctor was able to reverse the psychic crystal, returning all the Cuculus minds into the Cuculus bodies and freeing the humans. They returned the Doctor and Harry to Earth, but also implanted them with a quick spreading virus, hoping to kill the humans that way. However using a crystal Harry had stolen from the ship the Doctor stopped the virus.(PROSE: Houdini and The Space Cuckoos)

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