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Cuckoo was the thirteenth story in the Bernice Summerfield anthology A Life of Surprises. It was written by Stephen Fewell.

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Benny leads an expedition to find out more information about the long-extinct Avanonions. The planet is subject to violent sandstorms. Benny and Corin have developed a taste for the eggs of the native chicken-like species, though Mabe only eats rations. Sometimes the animals attack when their eggs are taken.

The trio uncover a tomb which contains mummified egg shells and find a cartouche with writing. Back at camp, during a ferocious sandstorm, Mabe analyses the egg shells' DNA while Corin works on the writing.

Mabe reports finding DNA strands of several egg-laying species, and also discovers that the chicken creatures are the evolutionary descendants of the Avanonions. Corin translates the cartouche writing as "Make We". When the storm dies down, archaeologist De Tranveldt joins them, claiming to have the rights to the site and offering to give them credit if they will share their work with him. Benny is furious, as she doesn't like the man, but Corin offers to check out De Tranveldt's claims.

Meanwhile, Mabe finds human DNA in the eggs and informs Benny. Benny starts to miss Peter. Corin reports that De Tranveldt's claims are valid, but before they can deal with it, the camp is attacked by the chicken creatures. Benny, Corin and Mabe escape in their vehicle, and as they leave, they get a glimpse of De Tranveldt under attack.

Benny later learns that De Tranveldt survived. She reflects that the Avanonions harvested DNA from other species to reproduce. In addition, she no longer feels unattached to her new child, but now considers him a part of herself.

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