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Cuckoo was a Doctor Who Magazine comic story featuring the Seventh Doctor, Benny and Ace. Barring the coda of The Last Word, it was the last in the short run of DWM comic stories set within the continuity of the Virgin New Adventures.

The story explored gender politics, taking advantage of having two independent, sexually-liberated female companions by setting the story in the Victorian era and featuring a sexist character who espoused virulently anti-feminist ideas who was literally a "monster".

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  • The title refers to the British slang cuckoo, meaning something being where it's not supposed to be. In part two, the Doctor refers to the alien fossil in the caves around Lifton as being a cuckoo that needs to be pushed out of the nest of human history, so that Charles Darwin will properly publish The Origin of the Species, rather than being suppressed by Mary Anne Wesley's incorrect assumption that somehow the alien fossil should "fit" into Earth's evolutionary "table".
  • The Seventh Doctor takes a drop of Madeira in Lifton, evoking the scene in The Smugglers where the First Doctor also had some whilst visiting another part of the English coast. The scenes of Ace and Benny wandering around the caves at the beach are also reminiscent of surviving telesnaps of Polly, Ben and the Doctor walking on a Cornish beach in part one of the serial.

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