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The Crystal Palace was the location for the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations. It was built in Hyde Park, London in 1851.

The Fifth Doctor wanted to take Nyssa and Tegan Jovanka to there as "a treat" in the wake of Adric's death but instead ended up on the tarmac of Heathrow Airport in 1982. (TV: Time-Flight)

The Eighth Doctor took his companions Charlotte Pollard and C'rizz to the Great Exhibition in 1851, shortly after their departure from the Divergent Universe. While there, Charley met and befriended the elderly Duke of Wellington. (AUDIO: Other Lives) Charley had previously visited the Crystal Palace as a child. (AUDIO: The Next Life)

The Tenth Doctor tried to take Heather McCrimmon to the Crystal Palace in 1854. (COMIC: The Crystal Palace)

On 30 November 1936, the Eleventh Doctor took Amy Pond and Rory Williams there, although he intended to land in 1851. Shortly afterwards, the Crystal Palace was destroyed in a fire caused by a hatched Phoenix. (COMIC: The Eagle of the Reich)

Ibrahim Hadmani travelled back in time to witness the destruction of the Crystal Place. (PROSE: Tomorrow's Fish and Chips)

Upon visiting Venus in the far future, Professor George Litefoot compared the Venusian shanghorn to the dinosaurs on display in the Crystal Palace. (AUDIO: Voyage to Venus)

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