The Crouch End Festival Chorus is a pre-eminent London-based choir that dates back to about 1984. It has been frequently used to provide film soundtracks and backing music. David Temple is its conductor and long-term musical director.

They were first credited in Doctor Who on both parts of The End of Time, but are possibly most evident throughout David Tennant's actual regeneration scene, which they notably recorded in a single take.[1] They were also the soundtrack choir for series 5.[2] As an example, they may be heard on the soundtrack of The Eleventh Hour,[3] providing the vocals during the scene of Amelia Pond waiting for the Eleventh Doctor to return after his "five minute" hop into the future. They recorded music for all episodes in the series.[4] Although they gained notice in the BBC Wales version of Doctor Who at the time of the transition from David Tennant to Matt Smith, the choir's association with Murray Gold stretches back to series 1 in which they provided operatic chanting for Gold's Dalek music. The choir's spokesperson, Duncan McAlpine, has called the CEFC "the Doctor Who choir of choice".[1] Nevertheless, their first actual credit on anything related to Doctor Who wasn't until the series 3 soundtrack,[5] for which they provided chanting on the track "Evolution of the Daleks".[6]

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Though they have worked on far more episodes, these are the stories on which the Crouch End Festival Chorus has been credited:

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