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The Crooked Man was a peculiar-shaped creature trapped in a pocket universe.

At some point, the Crooked Man became separated from his mate. He began chasing Hila Tacorien in the pocket universe, but the Eleventh Doctor, with the assistance of Emma Grayling, found her and took her to an echo of Caliburn House. The Doctor shut the Crooked Man behind a door in one of the echo house's rooms, but as Hila Tacorien was pulled to N-Space, the wormhole connecting the pocket universe to N-Space failed, and the Doctor was left behind.

The Crooked Man pursued the Doctor and knocked him over, but Clara Oswald rescued him in the TARDIS. Realising the mistake he made as to the nature of the creature, the Doctor returned to the pocket universe, again through Grayling's psychic powers, so that Clara could pick the Crooked Man up in the TARDIS and return him to his mate. (TV: Hide)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

This individual was never named during the episode itself, but was described as The Crooked Man in the end credits. He was named "the hider" by Doctor Who Adventures. In the TV script (Phantoms of the Hex, dated 15 April 2012) his name is given as "The Revenant of Anatheon", the so-called "Lost Lord" of Gallifreyan myth and legend. The Doctor tells Clara that he was the bogeyman scare for young Time Lords before they look into the Untempered Schism. (DWM 529, p.63)

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