You may be looking for Jane Crofton or Crofton Close.

Mr Crofton was the original gardener of the Braxiatel Collection. A kindly, gentle man, he always had a few words for everyone, and took a great liking to Bernice Summerfield. (PROSE: The Crystal Flower) Jane Crofton was his wife. (AUDIO: Braxiatel in Love)

Crofton's wife died while he was away at war. He had her ashes turned into a crystal flower. While at the Collection, he planted the flower in the centre of his garden and took great care to conceal it during the Fifth Axis Occupation. Commander Spang of the Fifth Axis found this activity suspicious, and had his men examine the flower, which destroyed it. In his anger, Crofton declared that he wanted to kill every one of the Fifth Axis members. (PROSE: The Crystal Flower)

Crofton was killed during the Fifth Axis occupation. (AUDIO: Death and the Daleks) He was replaced as gardener by the Ice Warrior Hass. (PROSE: A Life Worth Living) The Garden of Remembrance was built at the Braxiatel Collection in his honour. (PROSE: ...Be Forgot)

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