Layfield as he appeared in CON: Arthurian Legend.

Crispin Layfield has been involved in the stunt department of the BBC Wales production of Doctor Who since series 1. His first credit was as a stunt performer in Father's Day. Technically, he played the role of Matt in that episode, but did not receive an actor's credit for it. He was sporadically credited for the next two series, then became one of the regular stunt co-ordinators towards the end of series 4. He served as the principal stunt co-ordinator from series 5 on.

He has received an acting credit for his role as a mugger in the Torchwood episode, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, and was also credited as a stunt performer in Ghost Machine.

Layfield served as the stunt co-ordinator for Class. He also took over from Abbi Collins as the stunt co-ordinator for series 3 of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Creating the Sheffield Car Chase Spyfall Doctor Who Series 12

Creating the Sheffield Car Chase Spyfall Doctor Who Series 12

Closer Look with Crispin Layfield and Paul Bailey on preparing for and executing the "car chase" scene in TV: Spyfall.

He has been featured on several episodes of Doctor Who Confidential. As of the middle of series 5, he has appeared on the episodes which accompanied The Shakespeare Code, The Time of Angels, The Vampires of Venice and Amy's Choice. He was also a guest on episode 9 of series 2 of Totally Doctor Who.

Layfield is much in demand in British television and has been either a stunt performer or co-ordinator for many of the most demanding shows of the early 21st century, including: Band of Brothers, Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, Hotel Babylon, Wire in the Blood, Being Human, Paradox, The Bill, Jonathan Creek and many others.

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