Crisis in Space is the second in a series of "choose-your-own-adventure" style gamebooks, titled Make Your Own Adventure with Doctor Who in the UK and released in the US in Ballantine Books' Find Your Fate line.

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Have you ever longed to climb aboard the TARDIS and enter another dimension? Meet the Doctor and join him in outwitting his enemies? Well, now's your chance! All you need is a pair of dice, a pencil, a little bit of luck and all your wits about you. Ready?

Garth Hadeez, overlord of the grim and gruesome Golons, has released a black hole into the solar system. His plan is to annihilate Earth. Only the Doctor — and you — can save it! Now open the covers and join the Doctor in an adventure through Time and Space...

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The Doctor needs YOU to save the galaxy from the bizarre manipulations of a madman in Crisis in Space.

The Doctor's assistant, Turlough, intercepts a message from Outer Space. Garth Hadeez, the Overlord of the gruesome Golons, has instructed his slaves, the midnight-black Neroids, to release a new planet into the Solar System.

But the planet is a fake. Designed to resemble Phobos, one of Mars's tiny twin satellites, it is actually a Black Hole capable of annihilating the entire Solar System.

YOU will join the Doctor's team in the struggle to save the Cosmos. Important decisions are yours to make as you Find Your Fate.

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  • Unusually and somewhat anachronistically, the Doctor, Turlough and Peri Brown are all carrying laser guns in this story.
  • Peri's appearance differs from the one on the cover. In the in-book illustrations she is shown to have long hair as seen in Season 23, whereas on the cover she is shown to have short hair as seen in Seasons 21 and 22.
  • The reader is addressed as Chris throughout the book as opposed to the nameless character in the previous adventure Search for the Doctor.
  • To date, this is the only story in any medium to feature Turlough travelling with the Sixth Doctor.

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