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Doctor Who: Creatures and Demons was the third of a series of illustrated guides. It was written by Justin Richards and published in 2007.

It covers the period up to the midway point of the new series three, Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks.

Publisher's summary Edit

Throughout his many adventures in time and space the Doctor has encountered aliens, monsters, creatures and demons from right across the universe. In this third volume of alien monstrosities and dastardly villains, acclaimed Doctor Who expert and author Justin Richards describes some of the evils the Doctor has fought in over forty years of time travel.

From the grotesque Abzorbaloff to the mighty Empress of the Racnoss, from giant maggots to the Daleks of the secret Cult of Skaro, from the Destroyer of Worlds to the ancient beast itself. This book brings together more of the terrifying enemies the Doctor has battled against.

Illustrated throughout with stunning photographs and design drawings from the current series of Doctor Who and his previous "classic" incarnations, this book is a treat for friends of the Doctor whatever their age, and whatever planet they come from...

Featured material Edit

Alphabetically arranged topics, with featured episode details, glossaries and for the newer stories behind the scenes insights.

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  • Published in 2007 the RRP was £7.99 (UK)

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