Crane was a member of the Horticultural Historian Society who was manipulated by the Advocate into releasing the Enochai and acting against the Tenth Doctor.

Crane was contacted by the Advocate and Lau'Tan. He was convinced to help them release the Enochai beneath Greenwich Park by a promise of a new life and power. He believed the Enochai to be angels, and, by association, the Advocate and Lau'Tan to be God's messengers. Crane researched the Doctor, gaining access to files from UNIT and Torchwood, and began to forge documents to convince the Doctor to help him.

When the Doctor was called in by Martha Jones to help with UNIT's case, Crane contacted the Doctor and passed on his false documents. He later accompanied him and Emily Winter to the Enochai beneath Greenwich Park. After having freed the "angel", he helped capture the Doctor and imprisoned him within the Enochian ship. Once there, however, he overheard Lau'Tan talking to the Doctor, and realised he had been used. He released the Doctor and the two of them escaped to the surface.

Now desperate to redeem himself, Crane volunteered to place a bomb inside the Enochian ship to defeat them. The Doctor soon reached him, and prepared to fly the ship away from Earth for the Enochianns to be pulled back into their stasis pods. After a scuffle with one Enochian, Crane noticed the bomb was armed and halted the countdown with a second to spare. However, he could not let go of the bomb's controls without setting it off, and try as he might, the Doctor could not find a way to disarm it. Crane and the Doctor realised that the Advocate had not made the bomb disarm-able, and that this was the Advocate's plan all along. He would thus be punished for his betrayal and the Doctor would be forced to leave him to die. Crane pulled a pistol out and forced the Doctor to leave him, asking him to tell his fellow Society members that he had died a hero and make sure he would not be forgotten. The Doctor left the ship, and, after reciting a poem, Crane let the bomb detonate. (COMIC: Don't Step on the Grass)

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