In the Known Worlds, the Council of Hitlers was the governing body of the Greater German Reich. Its membership consisted of thousands of different versions of Adolf Hitler who each originated on their own worlds of Germania, different universes in which Nazi Germany had won World War II. It was organised with the assistance of "Herr Abschrift", an agent of House Mirraflex, existing by 1940. It sat in Berlin in universe alpha alpha alpha, the Terra Optimus of the Germanias and capital of the Greater German Reich.

The membership did not include the Hitler from beta alpha one five, who was murdered by Ernst Rohm circa 1933. It also excluded the Hitler from alpha alpha nine, who was a communist. Both Germanias were invaded by the Greater German Reich and a member of the Council took charge. The size of the Council meant that in the event one Hitler died, another could replace him on his respective Germania.

In 1957, the Council resolved to wage war against the Empire of Empires and invade the Roma worlds across the Divide.

In 1964, the membership was 75 years old. While some had died at the hands of Roman or resistance forces, others began to die of old age. The Council agreed to name August Hitler, the son of Hitler from Germania I, as Führer after the last Hitler on the Council had died. Shortly after, the few hundred remaining members of the Council were assassinated in a hydrogen cyanide gas attack secretly orchestrated by August, who became Führer at the age of 19 and granted himself emergency powers the Council had not approved. (PROSE: Warlords of Utopia)

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