The Council of Dead (or Council of the Dead) was a mythical organisation.

Members Edit

There were 13 members of the Council, who were all Scrollnée. They were very similar looking, except for gender and scarring. On Earth, they wore identical pin-stripe suits and bowler hats to cover their horns. (PROSE: Snowfall, Attack of the Snowmen)

History Edit

Originally, the Council were the government of the Scrollnée. In the early 21st century, the Scrollnée rose up against the Council and deposed them. Though the Council died in the escape from the planet, they "survived" by force of will, being only minds in animated corpses.

The Council went in search of ways to preserve their bodies and take back their planet. (PROSE: Attack of the Snowmen) They were particularly interested in the Doctor and his regenerations. They controlled several companies, including Lyttle Monsters Inc of Earth, and were very rich. (PROSE: Snowfall, Attack of the Snowmen)

In 2009, General Marze tried to join the Council of Dead. Using the resources of Lyttle Monsters Inc, he recreated the Vampire Warriors to attract the Eleventh Doctor's attention. With the Doctor's blood, Marze would have the secret of regeneration and be immortal. His plan eventually failed, Marze was killed and the Vampires were destroyed. (PROSE: Snowfall)

Later, the Council of Dead made a deal with the Zu'nar, selling them humans as slaves. They planned to do this by causing a snowstorm and cutting off power to weaken the humans, as well as using animated snowmen to attack them. They started with Europe, waiting for 10 days for them to weaken. At the same time, they were planning to harvest the regeneration energy from the Doctor. They pulled the TARDIS off course then found an ally of the Doctor (Millie Peterson) and kidnapped her for use as bait. Though the Doctor, Louie Rollins and Rachael Peterson went to find them, Millie escaped by herself and encountered the Doctor along the way. He sent her back to the TARDIS with instruction, when she returned with the TARDIS and a weapon that could destroy the Council. While they were feeding on his energy, they lost control of their bodies, which disintegrated. (PROSE: Attack of the Snowmen)

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