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People credited with the title "Costumes" during the 1963 version of Doctor Who designed and sometimes made costumes. They were not under the control of the Doctor Who production office, but instead reported to the costume department of the British Broadcasting Corporation itself. They were assigned to individual serials, though producers and directors could request the costume department to provide the services of particular designers. Unlike the situation that obtained at BBC Wales, these BBC costumers had less interaction with designers from other departments.

The more rigid division between the costume, set and visual effects designers, however, meant that BBC costume designers were key to the creation of some of the series' most memorable monsters. If a species were realised principally through costumes, that department's designers were central to the creative process. For example, Cybermen were essentially the creation of costumer Sandra Reid, who was as important to achieving the look of the Cybermen as Raymond Cusick was to that of the Daleks.

Discussion of the demarcation between the various designers on the "classic" era of Doctor Who was perhaps highlighted best on the DVD release of The Web Planet, a story with more than one alien species. Each of these species — Zarbi, Menoptera and Optera — were designed by different departments. The DVD explains why the costume department was more important to the Menoptera than the other two.

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