You may be looking for make-up used in the real world.

Cosmetics (also called make-up) were chemicals applied to the face to enhance one's appearance. Individuals who applied make-up as their occupation were called make-up artists.

The Master tried on eyeliner upon meeting his next incarnation, (TV: The Doctor Falls) a Time Lady who made use of cosmetics, such as lipstick. (TV: Death in Heaven)

In 1908, the Eleventh Doctor and Rory Williams defeated an alien bear by causing her make-up to run. (COMIC: The Fairest of Them All)

Hilda was a make-up artist employed at Starlight Studios. (PROSE: The Angel's Kiss: A Melody Malone Mystery)

Cassandra was Amy Pond's make-up artist, while the latter worked as a professional model. (TV: Asylum of the Daleks)

Mildred Reilly was the make-up artist for Most Horrid. (PROSE: Most Horrid)

In 2016, Matteusz Andrzejewski claimed that, within her story, the fictional character Susan Pevensie was not allowed into Heaven because she wore make-up. (TV: Detained)

In the late 22nd century, Susan Campbell wore make-up to make herself look older when she and David Campbell met with friends. (PROSE: Legacy of the Daleks)

A stylist did the make-up for Bernice Summerfield for a dig on Saravas. (AUDIO: Big Dig)

A Chapadio was the make-up artist for The Slist Show. She applied poisoned make-up to General Yolaktorin when he was a guest on the show. (PROSE: Christmas Special)

In the Divergent Universe, a make-up assistant prepared Excelsior for a television broadcast. (AUDIO: The Last)

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