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Cora was a young Khamirae woman. She lived with her father Gideon at the Magister's Arms pub on a backwater planet.

While going off the path in the forest to find cestus oak wood, she was attacked by the bio-mechanical beast Viktor who was interrupted while trying to take a sample of her DNA for the Thane. Cora fainted and was found by the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones, who helped return her to the village. Later, when the Doctor destroyed the Thane's neuropathic generator, Cora transformed into a lizard creature and began attacking the Thane's castle. Martha repelled her with a stink bomb, and the Doctor restored Cora to human form when he repaired the generator. The Thane decided to spend the remainder of his life letting the Khamirae villagers come to terms with who they truly were. (COMIC: Universal Monsters)