In an alternate 22nd century England, a Controller was the third generation of his family to hold the title in servitude to the Daleks. He was the leader of the Dalek puppet government.

The Daleks regularly forced the Controller to increase the mining going on for minerals for the continual expansion of their empire, ignoring the Controller's protests the extra work would kill the slaves.

After Jo Grant arrived in his time, the Controller welcomed her and made her comfortable in order to gain her trust. He convinced her he was working hard to ensure the safety of the Third Doctor, and when he captured him, brought them together. The Doctor accused him of being a quisling, but he protested there was nothing anyone could do against the Daleks.

The Controller gave the Doctor and Jo a short but insightful story of the wars which reduced Earth to a devastated state which allowed the Daleks the means to invade because there was no power strong enough to fight them off. He was also dismissive of the resistance, though this was probably because he didn't think there were enough of them to pose a serious threat, and they regularly concentrated their attacks on small targets instead of something vital.

The Doctor and Jo escaped but were found some time later. The Controller, convinced the Doctor could overthrow the Daleks, allowed them to pass freely. However, a guard overheard the conversation and reported his betrayal to the Daleks. Just before they exterminated him, he declared, "Who knows? I may have helped to exterminate you." (TV: Day of the Daleks)

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