Contractual Obligations was one of the stories published in The Incomplete Death's Head. A part of a database created by Hob of the life of Death's Head, the story was a reprint of one published in 1989.


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  • This story is a reprint of Marvel UK Death's Head comic story Contractual Obligations.
  • There is no connection between this 1989 Death's Head story and Doctor Who Universe. Accordingly, this wiki did not consider this 1989 Death's Head story valid.
  • The validity of the 1993 version printed in the third issue of The Incomplete Death's Head comic series is due to it being contained in-universe within the Death's Head Interactive Archive compiled by Hob on Maruthea. Accordingly, only this 1993 reprint can be referenced on in-universe pages. Other reprints remain invalid and cannot be used on in-universe pages.
  • There is an inconsistency between the look and behaviour of Spratt in this story compared to Spratt from the preceding comic story Death's Head Revisited. There Spratt wore light-coloured scrubs, had light hair and was actively involved in rebuilding Death's Head, whereas in this story Spratt is a young kid with reddish hair, wears green jacket and tells Death's Head that he never saw a hired killer before.
  • In the reprinted 1993 version, a direct out-of-universe reference to the invalid Dragon's Claws #5 was replaced with a reference to its valid reprint in The Incomplete Death's Head. References to other Dragon's Claws stories not reprinted in The Incomplete Death's Head were kept unchanged. These other stories are not considered valid on Tardis wiki and cannot be referenced on in-universe pages.


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