Constantine Oliver was a property developer and owner of Constantine Oliver Ltd with offices in Highgate. The company motto was "Serving the Community". Mr Oliver liked when his clients called him Con because he thought it conveyed informality.

He had silver hair and suffered from arachnophobia. Mr Oliver employed the services of a bodyguard. He was unscrupulous in his business dealings and unappreciative of others. Both Felicity, his solicitor, and Rajesh, his receptionist, were only too happy to abandon him when an opportunity presented itself.

At some time before November 2014, Mr Oliver became interested in Alice Parsons' house. Despite her repeated refusals to sell the house, he continued pressing and at least once broke into her house thinking she was not home.

In July 2015, after Alice died, he used fraud to acquire the house against Alice Parsons' will. His plans to develop the property were thwarted by people refusing to work on the premises due to the interference of a female bone spider, who lived in the house unseen by all save late Alice.

Not knowing of the spider's existence, Mr Oliver attributed his problems to Alan Turnpike's urban legends website "Myth City", which collected rumours about the house. Mr Oliver tried to take down the site and even persuaded Alan's boss, whom he knew personally, to fire Alan from the charity he worked in.

In November 2016, Mr Oliver placed an ad in a local newspaper searching for nightwatch staff for the house. He interviewed for the job and, despite a completely fabricated CV, hired Charlie, who was helping Tanya Adeola investigate a girl she saw in a window.

In his fight against trespassers, Mr Oliver called the police who arrested Miss Quill.

When finally confronted with the original of Alice Parsons' will and a huge angry spider made of bones, he signed the papers returning the house ownership to Alice Parsons' estate. (PROSE: The Stone House)

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