The Concert of the Most Beautiful Music took place every ten years at the Church of the High Exalted on Cantabulous Nine. It was renowned throughout the cosmos, the most famous cultural event that side of the Literary Olympics of Splatt Minor. The Child of Music performed the most beautiful music in the universe on the lassimater. The musical instrument, in fact, also served as a prison to a small creature, who sang the beautiful songs as a cry for help.

At the time of the first concert, the Child of Music really was a child, not more than about six years old, but then the following concert he was a teenager, and then he was in his twenties. The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble attended the concert in its 320th year. The Doctor was not aware that the Child of Music was an old man. The creature had kept him alive, as it couldn't bear the thought of outliving him.

After just the first part, the two were left speechless, with the Doctor saying the most beautiful music in the universe didn't cover it. The chamber was packed. Amongst the other spectators were men, women, dog people and giant crustaceans, as well as other species considered alien to Donna.

In the interval, the Doctor and Donna got some mindorolan and janissary ice cream, which they didn't feel like finishing, and discovered an old coffee-table book with photographs from all the concerts of the last 320 years.

As the Doctor predicted, the second half of the concert was even more beautiful. This segment Donna found more sad than exhilarating; she was left with tears in her eyes by the time of the Child of Music put down his lassimater.

The Doctor let her, against the flow of the crowd, to meet the star of the show. Pretending to be the president of the Child of Music's fan club to get past a monk, the Doctor asked the Child of Music if there was anything they could do in return for the experience. He replied that he wanted to die. The two were later thrown out of the church by a monk.

Using his sonic screwdriver, the Doctor re-entered the church, and successfully freed the creature from his prison, destroying the famous lassimater in the process. Both creature and Child of Music then died, free at last. The creature let out his final performance, the most beautiful of all, before fading away. (PROSE: Most Beautiful Music)