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Companion Piece was the second story in the audio anthology Ravenous 3, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by John Dorney and featured Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor, Nicola Walker as Liv Chenka, Hattie Morahan as Helen Sinclair.

Publisher's summary[]

When the evil Time Lord known as the Nine comes across a rare and valuable item floating in the space-time vortex, his acquisitive nature means he can't resist the urge to complete the set.

Soon a wicked scheme is underway. Only the Doctor's friends – past, present and future – will be able to stop him.

But without the Doctor around will even the combined skills of Liv, Helen, River Song, Bliss and Charley be enough to save the day?


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  • The Doctor told River Song about the Nine, "as in the One and the Two, etc".
  • The Nine steals Romana from a time when she is President of Gallifrey, Jamie from a point some time after he travelled with the Doctor, and Adric from a point mid-way through his travels with the Doctor.
  • When the Nine says he's bringing Charley some company, she asks if it is C'rizz, but the Nine states that he intends to leave that maniac alone for a while.
  • The Nine expresses distaste for River identifying a penguin as a companion, with River arguing that the penguin was perfectly valid from a certain perspective.
  • The Nine steals River Song's vortex manipulator.
  • Before the Time War disrupted history, Bliss studied robotics and computer science rather than temporal mechanics.
  • When the Nine tells Charley he wants the complete set of the Doctor's companions, he says "Gotta Catch Em' All", a reference to the slogan for the Pokémon series.


  • The Nine constantly moving Charley between corridors eight and six is a reference to her having travelled with the Sixth and Eighth Doctors.
  • River's remark that the penguin companion was perfectly valid was a metafctional nod to the fact that Frobisher was a comic companion who has made appearances in a novel and a couple of audios that are not directly related to other companions' experiences.
  • Leela, Jo and Charley last appeared together retrospectively in The Light at the End, although in Light only Leela and Charley met and this time around none of them were aware of each other.
  • Despite not interacting in this story, Leela and River Song shared an adventure in The Eighth of March, a box set which celebrated International Women's Day.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Bliss outside of the Time War.
  • Ajjaz Awad makes her debut as Katarina in this story, when she "talks" to the Nine after he tries to read her mind due to the artron energy she absorbed in the TARDIS left her mind partially active even after death.
  • This is a Doctor-lite story.
  • Margaret had not appeared in any other stories prior to this and the story never states which Doctor she travelled with. However, the corridor she is in would suggest the Fourth Doctor. It was not until the release of The Ravencliff Witch that it was confirmed she was a Fourth Doctor companion.


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