The Commander was the head of the Collector's Inner Retinue on Pluto. He was in charge of one of the barricades set up to prevent Leela, K9, Cordo and Bisham escaping from the correction centre. He dismantled the barricade when he mistakenly believed the trouble was over, allowing them to escape. He shot and wounded Leela, resulting in her capture. He examined her with the Collector and realised she wasn't a work unit. He supervised her medical treatment before bringing her to the Collector for questioning. He was amused that she was unaware of the details of a public steaming, considering the execution a treat.

He was among the guards who accompanied the Collector to the execution hall and brought him the report of a disturbance in the subway and work units refusing to leave their dorms, sending a division of Inner Retinue to resolve the manner. Even though fighting had broken out, he reluctantly escorted the Collector back to the palace.

The Commander arrived with a guard as the Fourth Doctor and Leela were confronting the Collector, but aimed his gun at the Collector and joined Cordo and Mandrel in attempting to place him under arrest. When the Collector reverted to his natural form instead, the group settled for imprisoning him inside his chair. (TV: The Sun Makers)

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