Comic Relief Doctor Who Uncovered was a behind-the-scenes documentary focusing on the making of The Curse of Fatal Death. It was exclusive to the VHS release of the story.

Many clips from prior Doctor Who stories were shown from the First Doctor era up to the 1996 TV Movie featuring the Eighth Doctor. Notably, this documentary also included clips from the fan-film Devious marking the first time parts of that production had appeared on an official BBC release. An abridged twelve-minute version featuring the scenes with Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor was released with the DVD of The War Games in 2009. As the rights to show scenes with the Daleks were not cleared for its release in 2009, this documentary marks the only time ever parts of Devious featuring the Daleks have appeared on an official BBC production.

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CROW Film and Television
Dick Knapman at Todd-A0 UK
Piers Helm and Sebastian Read at Skaramoosh for the graphics
Max Horton & Amanda Libotte at Moving Picture Company
Canal + UK Ltd
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