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A Comic Relief Comic was published in 1991, and featured an assortment of creators and comic icons. There were several stories in the publication, which mostly went untitled.

The most notable to this wiki featured the appearance of every incarnation of the Doctor concurrent to the issue, and also served as a crossover with the British comic series Dan Dare.


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Reporting from a Treen colony with his assistant Digby, Dan Dare informs Lenny that they have managed to collect a whole shipful of money but that there still remain quite a few people that have not yet donated, in particular the Mekon, "the stingiest, most hard-boiled egghead in the galaxy." As the pair run out of noses, yet more aliens prove reluctant to give to charity, though Dan believes that they may be persuaded with a few more fundraisers. At that moment, the Doctor's TARDIS materialises. Out of the TARDIS steps the Seventh Doctor and Ace, followed by the First Doctor and Susan Foreman, the Fourth Doctor with Leela and K9 Mark I, the Second Doctor and Victoria Waterfield, the Fifth Doctor and Victoria Waterfield, the Third Doctor, and the Sixth Doctor. Introducing his company to Dan as a "who-tennany", the Seventh Doctor ascertains that they are in the year 1991. The Second Doctor loads a boxful of red noses "filled with the yoghourt of human kindness" into a cannon which is fired, hitting the Mekon square in the face. Inadvertently making "a funny", the Mekon is convinced to donate along with the other aliens. Their job done, Dan decides that its time to get back down to Earth.



Story notes[]

The cover depicting Lenny Henry

  • A Dalek appears off-panel exclaiming "Exterminate! Exterminate!" before changing to "Donate! Donate!"
  • Rather than the usual "vwoorpy", the sound accompanying the TARDIS' materialisation is "diddly dum, diddly dum, diddly diddly diddly dum...", alluding to the Doctor Who theme.
  • K9 exclaims "Arf!", a onomatopoeia representing the growl of a dog.