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Comic Relief 2007 was a special Doctor Who skit that crossed over with The Catherine Tate Show.

The Doctor uses the alias "Mr Logan". Lauren questions him on whether he is the Doctor. He eventually becomes annoyed and reveals his identity by pulling out his sonic screwdriver.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

A man supposedly known as "Mr Logan" is teaching Lauren. Though she is convinced that he is the Doctor.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The Doctor, under the name of "Mr Logan", teaches an English class. The Doctor and Lauren argue over whether "Logan", a Scottish man, is qualified to teach English. Lauren accuses him of being the Doctor, then argues with him over William Shakespeare. Eventually, "Logan" gets fed up with Lauren's nonsense, pulls out his sonic screwdriver (revealing himself to be the Doctor), and uses it to turn Lauren into an action figure of Rose Tyler. Lauren then incomprehensibly manages to say, "I still ain't bovvered", despite now being an inanimate object.

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Story notes[edit | edit source]

  • The title for the sketch is given as "Dr. Who" on the DVD release.
  • The special is a Doctor Who and The Catherine Tate Show crossover.
  • The Doctor would later go on to meet William Shakespeare in The Shakespeare Code, broadcast less than a month after this sketch.
  • Lauren asks "Mr Logan" if he fancies Billie Piper. Billie Piper played Rose Tyler, companion to the Tenth Doctor, and commonly implied to be a love interest.
  • Lauren asking "Mr Logan" if he'd just arrived from Mars may be a reference to Donna Noble referring to the Doctor as a "Martian" during The Runaway Bride.
  • During her tirade, Lauren quotes a line from the song The Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond ("you take the high road, and I'll take the low road"), one of many jabs at "Mr Logan" being Scottish.
  • The Rose action figure Lauren is turned into is from the Character Options series 2 line.

Home video releases[edit | edit source]

The sketch was released as an extra on The Catherine Tate Show Christmas Special DVD.

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