The Combined Galactic Resistance was an alliance headed by humanity to fight the Dalek invasion of the galaxy in a time period in the future relative to Clara Oswald's home time. One of its command ships was the Aristotle, which was under the command of Colonel Morgan Blue. Lieutenant Journey Blue, Kai Blue, Gretchen Carlisle, and Ross also served in the Resistance aboard the Aristotle. It undertook an operation to shrink a strike team and enter the casing of a good Dalek.

Once Rusty was repaired, he sent a distress call to a nearby Dalek flying saucer and went on a rampage, attacking the resistance fighters. Once the saucer arrived, the resistance fighters, led by Colonel Blue, fought off the Dalek attack, many being killed in the process. The attack was eventually ended when Rusty, now reformed as the first moral Dalek, called for the saucer to retreat, killed the Daleks already onboard the Aristotle and followed the retreating Daleks to continue his efforts against them. (TV: Into the Dalek)

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