Colin Maloney was in charge of San Pedro Overflow Camp in California, and the murderer of Dr Vera Juarez.

Ten days prior to the overflow camps opening, he worked in public housing. Dr Vera Juarez first met Colin when she went to inspect the overflow camp, of which Colin Maloney was the director. She informed him that he would be prosecuted for his mistreatment of the occupants and his generally bad handling of the camp. Maloney shot Vera, and put her body in a module to be burned alive. (TV: The Categories of Life)

Colin tried to hide any evidence of Vera's murder. He put the camp in lockdown and ordered Corporal Ralph Coltrane to dispose of Vera's car. He later found out that Rex Matheson had been captured inside the camp, and wanted to speak to the person in charge of the camp. Rex told Colin that Vera had been murdered in the module, not knowing that Colin was responsible. He showed Colin a video that he took of Vera's death. Rex asked Colin to let him go. Colin responded by sticking his pen in Rex's wound. Esther Drummond arrived, claiming that she had gotten a phone call from Dr Juarez. Colin could tell that she was lying and attacked her. Esther strangled Colin into unconsciousness. but he regained consciousness when she tried to retrieve the keys from his pocket to free Rex. He tried to strangle her, but Ralph arrived and shot Colin, presumably moving him to category one. (TV: The Middle Men)

Being a category one deceased, he was presumably sent to the modules and incinerated. (TV: The Gathering)

Personality[edit | edit source]

Colin seemed happy-go-lucky all the time. However, he quickly began stressing and panicking when faced with a problem he couldn't solve immediately. He liked Badminton, hoping to have time while working as director. (TV: The Middle Men) Instead of spending the money needed for the patients' treatment, he elected to stay under-budget, leaving those in his care to suffer greatly while he covered it up. (TV: The Categories of Life) As his murder of Vera got closer to becoming exposed, Colin grew increasingly mentally unstable and had no qualms about causing pain to those who confronted him. (TV: The Middle Men)

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