Dr Colin Dove was a sensitive and the director of the Hawthorne clinic in London after Jeremiah O'Kane's retirement. He planned to use the significantly more powerful Daniel O'Kane (or "Patient Zero") and his son Peter Russell to unleash otherworldly evil at perihelion as an experiment, a plan that Jeremiah O'Kane was aware of. He was also in a secretive relationship with Beatrice Hearst.

Dr Dove had Daniel O'Kane relocated to Hawthorne, but the plan was put in jeopardy when the closure of a number of clinics - including Hawthorne - was announced. Russell stepped in to finance the clinic due to family sentiment which displeased Dr Dove in that he enjoyed being in complete control. He denied Russell access to Patient Zero and pretended not to believe in the supernatural after Liz Shaw arrived at the clinic representing P.R.O.B.E.

After William Bruffin's killing, Dr Dove was arrested on suspicion of murder, but kept on Hawthorne grounds per Patsy Haggard's request on Liz's behalf. He became increasingly mentally unbalanced and did not deny the charges so as to allow events to unfold. Liz visited him and he told her of his plans before attempting to strangle her. She was saved by Russell's timely arrival. Left alone in the room, Dr Dove was murdered by Patient Zero's astral-projected self. (HOMEVID: The Zero Imperative)

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