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An issue of the Colchester Evening News. (TV: Closing Time)

Established in 1907, the Colchester Evening News was a local newspaper in Colchester. The 19 April 2011 issue of the newspaper had news of Nina, a local girl who was kicked off Britain's Got Talent, on the front page. News items on mysterious disappearances caused by Cybermen were on pages 7, 19 and 22. (TV: Closing Time)

Articles Edit

Edition 598 Edit

Edition 598 of the paper was published on the 19 April 2011.

Britain's Got Torment! Edit

The main story was of Nina, a local girl who was kicked off Britain's Got Talent for allegedly poisoning a fellow contestant. The Eleventh Doctor had read the story and commented that her "emotional journey" was "quite inspiring". The story was continued on page 3. (TV: Closing Time)

Police investigate allegations that local teenager poisoned fellow Britain's Got Talent contestant.
{The first part of the article is illegible} strained over the past few weeks, as both girls battled to establish their place as "the cooky, {illegible}" singer of the competition. Insiders have said the girls didn't feel there was room for both of them in the show, and what began as mild mannered backstage sniping had turned into something more serious.
Both Nina and Josie-D looked as if butter wouldn't melt as they crooned out their latest songs on Saturday's show, but behind the scenes they were spitting like alley cats and the claws were out. Insults were flying along with accusations that Josie-D was stealing Nina's style, and that she'd sent her friends out to follow Nina on a recent shopping expedition to buy up every item of clothing that Nina had her hands on. Josie-D denies the accusation, but Nina has a point that the girls have been wearing strikingly similar outfits through the early stages of the competition.
With the final stages of the competition looming, the girls' tactics got dirty, and rumours were rife of Nina's drug habit and Josie-Ds, shall we say, liberal attitude to relationships. Both girls have denied every story that the other has tried to spread about them, but last Wednesday their rivalry really heated up. After developing a throat infection, show medics advised Josie-D to administer a basic antiseptic spray 4 times a day. Nina claimed that Josie-D wasn't ill at all, but just being an attention seeker and trying to excuse a poor performance, but in return Josie-D claimed that Nina had tampered with her medication before Saturday's show and added household bleach to the throat spray.
Nina was devastated by the accustations, but tests on the spray revealed that it had indeed been tampered with. Unable to prove that she wasn't responsible, the show's producers decided that enough was enough and Nina would have to leave the show. Josie-D's allegations are so series that they are now subject of a police investigation. Unfortunately {the rest of the article is illegible}

End of the Line? Edit

The Colchester Evening News reported on the rumoured closure of a local railway station. The full story was on page 2. (TV: Closing Time)

Local businesses, schools and services publicly expressed their dismay to the Council about the reported closure of Southway's railway station as part of an ongoing series of cutbacks apparently being evaluated following a local Council Meeting last Wednesday evening. The station which opened on part of the London to Colchester cross-country line in the 1960s has often been at the centre of local {illegible} with local authorities keen to (illegible} the site as far back as the 1980s.

Local Lad Heads to the Olympics Edit

Colchester Evening News reported on "local lad" Dominic Moorhode, who was chosen to represent his country at the 2012 Olympic Games. The full story was on page 15. (TV: Closing Time)

Up-and-coming freestyle swimmer Dominic Moorhode will celebrate his 18th birthday in 2012 by joining the reserve swimming team representing Britain at the London Olympic Games. The local student from St John's Comprehensive says he was encouraged by his swimming instructor to participate in additional after school classes, where he was subsequently spotted by talent scouts. "It really is a dream come true."

German Shepherd Sniffs out Norman Fortune Edit

The paper reported on a local dog which helped in the search for treasure at Colchester Castle. The full story was on page 6. (TV: Closing Time)

To any passer-by like you or me, Spiff the German Shepherd looks like any other dog. But to archaeologists investigating the sites around Colchester Castle, he's a very special dog indeed. Why? He helped sniff out some long-lost Norman treasure in the wooded grounds.
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