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Cobweb and Ivory was the second story in The Book of the Enemy. Written by Nate Bumber, it notably featured the return and recontextualisation of concepts from the Faction Paradox comics and Lawrence Miles' first Doctor Who novel, Christmas on a Rational Planet.


Pre-Narrative Briefing[]

Briefing B


Avus, a young Homeworlder, explores an alter-time realm and finds himself chased by its inhabitants, the living painted warriors. Running from these statues, he accidentally falls into a pool of Praxis.

Under the drug's influence, Avus experiences a series of lucid visions in which he inhabits other identities: Abigail's pet bird on 21st century Earth, a Pilots' Coterie pilot going through a dense nebula, a human listening to Aguta's storytelling, and a guest at the unveiling of Cernunnos on Terra Primagenia (during which he bumps into Coloth). Cernunnos psychically latches onto Avus, chasing him into a vision of the Amazolian system. Cernunnos then brings Avus back to the alter-time realm, thanking him for showing the way to Cernunnos' old home. Avus tries to escape by shattering his mental link with Cernunnos, and finds a weakness via Cernunnos' future fate as a caged animal in George III's menagerie. Avus thus escapes to the Homeworld.

Back in the alter-time realm, Cernunnos and his follower Linemica discuss Avus' future, predicting that Avus has been inspired by the experience and that perhaps in the future War a Homeworld would be brought down by Avus' will.