Morning assembly at Coal Hill School took place at 9 o'clock in the assembly hall, which went directly out into the crush hall.

During daily assemblies in 1963, hymns were "murdered" by the student body, to Mrs Bellweather's piano "poundings", Leslie Culver would do her bible readings, and headmaster Basil James Carker, wearing his customary gown of authority, would make the announcements for the day.

On 29 March 1963, Games class was called off due to frozen pipes disabling the showers, so Year 4 was sent to the assembly hall and given board games. While there, the female fourth year students listened and danced to songs like "Bobby's Girl", "Breaking Up is Hard to Do", "Christmas Caroline" and "Love Me Do". Susan Foreman, not joining them, instead played Snakes & Ladders.

On 1 April, Susan Foreman and Gillian Roberts, along with Joe Gibson and others, had to report to the assembly hall for detention after school. There, they were given their instructions to clear up the ice outside.

Later, Susan, Gillian, John Brent and his father Captain Brent retreated into the assembly hall from the crush hall, running away from the Cold.

The following morning, after having slept in the school, Susan was happy to see that the whole city did not die in the night, and plenty of people still came in for 9 o'clock assembly. Mr Carker came in for assembly wearing an old Mackintosh and wellies, rather than his usual gown of authority, and demanded an explanation from Captain Brent. Gillian recommended that everyone go home. The headmaster said he was prepared to detain everyone if they left school grounds in lesson-time, despite the numerous deaths, and demanded that they all attend assembly. (PROSE: Time and Relative)

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