The Staff Common Room at Coal Hill School was a thing of legend to students in the 1960s. It was forbidden for students to enter it.

After sleeping in the school overnight, Susan Foreman ventured into the staff common room on 2 April 1963 to retrieve an electric kettle and make tea when the tuck shop only had Tizer to drink. According to Susan, the room stank of rotten tobacco.

While she didn't find the "fabled" library of "confiscated Liliput and Health & Efficiency magazines or Hank Jansen and Dennis Wheatley paperbacks", she did find her own copy of Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, which had been confiscated by Mr Grange days earlier. She found the bookmark had moved on in her book, suggesting someone had been reading it. (PROSE: Time and Relative)

Later, in October, River Song regularly met Ian Chesterton and the other teachers in Coal Hill's staff room. On leaving the Red Lion, River told Ian she expected biscuits on their next encounter here. (AUDIO: An Unearthly Woman)

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