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Coal Hill Academy had a Roll of Honours Board, featuring the teachers and students that had died or were presumed dead as they had gone missing without trace. There were over 80 names on the board. The Twelfth Doctor noticed Clara Oswald's name on the board, noting "Time never forgets." (TV: For Tonight We Might Die)

The Roll of Honours Board was regularly updated. (TV: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart)

People on the list[]

People on the list who were added before April 1963 include: J. N. Michaud, P. Kingsbury, F. A. Belrose, A. O. H. Percival, S. Holder-Stoken, M. J. Sandlers, M. Van Kerk, L. Moore, E. S. Bazegett, J. J. Panneer, D. Ritche, P. R. Meecham, Zs. K. Ekler, E. Bolobdarosa, G. Madarass, A. Choi, K. S. Kagar, K. Pasternak, A. N. Scacholl, G. De Wytt, N. Molesworth, T. De Andrea, R. Lyon, C. Caplin, H. Prendergast, D. Raphael, C. Pang, T. F. Demarcus, E. Osbourne, T. Ruggier, and C. Breckenridge. (TV: For Tonight We Might Die)

The list featured A. Okehurst, J. Gibson and D. Hatcher: (TV: For Tonight We Might Die) that is, Joe Gibson, Dudley Hatcher and PE teacher "Ape" Okehurst. On 1 April 1963, the Cold killed them. The Cold also killed three boys: (PROSE: Time and Relative) M. De Courtenay, S. Baasch and S. Tollemache. (TV: For Tonight We Might Die)

Next on the list was H. Parson, (TV: For Tonight We Might Die) the headmaster, (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks) and A. S. Alfredson. (TV: For Tonight We Might Die)

S. Foreman, (TV: For Tonight We Might Die) referencing Susan Foreman, was on the list after she left Coal Hill without a trace. (TV: An Unearthly Child) She did not return, (TV: The Dalek Invasion of Earth) unlike her teachers. (TV: The Chase, PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy, TV: The Day of the Doctor)

Following Susan's were a number of names: H. Passerini, L. Fletling, D. Gough, A. Fairchild, P. Smith, R. Thornton, E. Odell-Grey, S. C. Hackett, C. Christie, S. Spurling, A. E. York, H. Lamonde, P. Hobbs, J. Thorburn, H. Sturzacher, L. Sleeman, D. Young, S. Wilard-Fleming, T. J. Marsden, J. Owston-Tuff, W. Pickle, D. Roscoe, J. O'Brien, W. Tardif, B. Nagys-Kovacs, K. Yim, A. Nowak, P. Kakuszi, S. D. Michel, F. G. Whitlock, A. McWilliam, C. Shelton, L. Rawlinson, K. E. Drinkwater, and L. Millikin. (TV: For Tonight We Might Die)

T. Laneford's name was added to the list after his disappearance in 1967. (AUDIO: Gifted)

Following those names was A. Dunlop, (TV: For Tonight We Might Die) a teacher during Clara Oswald's tenure. (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) Following that were H. Beyer-Cox and R. Phillips-Rees. (TV: For Tonight We Might Die) Then R. D. Pink was on the board, (TV: For Tonight We Might Die) referring to Rupert "Danny" Pink, a maths teacher, who was killed after being hit by a car, (TV: Dark Water) and C. Oswald (TV: For Tonight We Might Die) — Clara Oswald — an English teacher, who was killed by the Quantum Shade. (TV: Face the Raven)

While waiting to see the Head at the end of 2016, Ram Singh memorised the names J. Peak and D. James from the list, as well as Thomas Laneford's. (AUDIO: Gifted)

Later added to the list was K. Williams, (TV: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart) a student who Miss Quill coaxed into disintegrating himself on 12 October 2016. (TV: For Tonight We Might Die) Following that was R. Chapman, (TV: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart) the former girlfriend of Ram Singh who was killed by Corakinus. (TV: For Tonight We Might Die) Next were C. Caroll, P. Volkon, T. Dawson and F. Armitage, (TV: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart) four members of Coal Hill staff, including the two football coaches and the headteacher, all killed by the Leaf Dragon. (TV: The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo) After having been eaten alive by killer petals, (TV: Brave-ish Heart) M. B. Okonjo was added to the list. (TV: The Lost)

Behind the scenes[]

Several of the names on the board are actually in-joke references by the art department. These references include:

In the episodes themselves, the board renders surnames first and initials last, i.e. Oswald. C..