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You may be looking for executive producer.

A co-executive producer is a mostly-American credit on episodic, scripted television programmes. Consequently, co-executive producers have largely been absent from the structure of DWU production teams.

Most notably, Doctor Who began crediting a co-executive producer, Sam Hoyle, with the start of series 11.

Previously, they were used in the making of Torchwood: Miracle Day, where the main co-exec was Vlad Wolynetz. Senior writers also received the credit.

According to the Producers Guild of America, a co-executive producer is someone immediately junior to an executive producer. The credit is handed out by the executive producer as they wish, and the PGA does not require previous producing experience on the part of anyone granted the title. However, co-execs, at least on productions regulated by the PGA, must be the providers of some primary form of creativity. That is, they must be a writer, director or producer who has some supervisory function greater than the average member of that department. For instance, a writer who received the credit may be assumed to have been leading the writing room in some fashion, a director may be assumed to have acted as a de facto executive producer for some period of the production, a producer may have exceeded the usual responsibilities for the production of a single episode and joined with the executive producer in taking decisions about the broader management of the entire run.

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