Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart was the fourth episode of Class. It was written by Patrick Ness, directed by Philippa Langdale and featured Greg Austin as Charlie Smith, Fady Elsayed as Ram Singh, Sophie Hopkins as April MacLean, Vivian Oparah, Jordan Renzo as Matteusz Andrzejewski as Tanya Adeola and Katherine Kelly as Miss Quill.

It featured the first appearance of April's father, Huw MacLean. Corakinus returned in this episode, and two new Shadow Kin, Rannus and Kharrus, attempt to get him his heart back.

The episode focuses heavily on April and the effects that her connection with Corakinus were having on her. At the end, she ends up travelling to the Underneath to confront Corakinus once more.

The subplot involving the Governors continues, and sees a member of theirs come to Coal Hill as its new headteacher, following the disappearance of her predecessor, Mr Armitage, in The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo. She offers Quill a chance to be free from the creature inside her head.

The morality of the Rhodians as a race, especially Charlie's morality, is heavily criticised by both Tanya and Matteusz. It's further revealed that Charlie plans to one day use the Cabinet of Souls to transfer his people into the bodies of another race, effectively committing genocide.

The story concluded in Brave-ish Heart.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

April starts to feel the effects of sharing her heart with Corakinus, and his attempts to sever the attachment only make it stronger.

When April's estranged father makes a startling appearance she confronts him with Shadow Kin force, manifesting traits of the Shadow Kin leader. Frightened by this extraordinary new found power, April seeks comforts in Ram, and vows to reclaim her heart as her own.

Meanwhile, something strange is happening to the others - London is slowly being infested with unusual, sinister flower petals.

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  • April plays the violin, and breaks one of the strings.

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Production errors[edit | edit source]

  • Ram gets out of the car to confront Huw, and should be behind him when he turns to April, but in the next shot, he's gone.

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  • Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart was featured in the series one DVD boxset, which was released in the UK (Region 2) on 16th January 2017, followed by a Region 1 release on 11th July. The Region 1 release contained an additional blooper reel and various deleted scenes that were not present on the Region 2 release.

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Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. Ram says, "I've been frightened non-stop for the last month," and, "It's been a weird month."
  2. In The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo, we see a plaque that tells us the Barbara Wright Building was completed in spring 2016. Additionally, Nightvisiting, set two years after Jasper Adeola's death, tells us he died in 2014. Finally, Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart confirms that Charlie and Miss Quill arrived on Earth in September 2016.
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