Cloots Coombe was a small village in Wiltshire, England, near Salisbury.

In the mid-1980s, the Ministry of Defence had a research facility in Cloots Coombe. There was an underground tunnel connecting it to the town's well. A chemical leak from the well made everyone in the town sterile, and the MoD promised to never come with four miles of the village.

In 2002, a new squire came to Cloots Coombe, working for Rechauffe. He convinced the people to donate their DNA to Rechauffe in order to clone them and make children. Rechauffe was actually using the DNA to try to create a new type of soldier, but the experiments failed and accidentally created an entity that fed on life force and lived in the well.

Ellie Martin and Maude Fletcher started organising a protest against Rechauffe, and the former invited Sarah Jane Smith to investigate the company. She uncovered what they were doing, and Josh Townsend lit the company's building on fire, killing both the entity and the squire. (AUDIO: Comeback)

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