Clive Jones was the ex-husband of Francine Jones, the father of Tish, Martha and Leo Jones, the grandfather of Keisha Jones and the boyfriend of Annalise.

Clive fell out with Francine about attending his son's twenty-first birthday. He and his girlfriend showed up, resulting in an argument between Francine and Annalise. Annalise left the party without Clive. (TV: Smith and Jones)

A few days after Leo's birthday party, Harold Saxon ordered Clive and his family arrested. He was attempting to use the Jones family as bait to bring Martha and the Tenth Doctor out of hiding. Clive initially played along, telling Martha via the phone that he and Francine were attempting to get back together, but then he shouted at Martha to run and was subsequently subdued by Saxon's men. As he was taken away, Clive shouted at the people witnessing his arrest that it was their fault for voting for Saxon. Clive was taken to the Valiant with Francine and Tish. He later saw the Toclafane descend on the Earth, (TV: The Sound of Drums) as well as the other horrors of the Year That Never Was. (TV: Last of the Time Lords)

Made a slave to the Master like the rest of his family, Clive was forced to clean and repair the Valiant during the year and made to witness the genocide of Japan along with his wife and daughter. When the Doctor and Martha stopped the Master's planned invasion of the universe and captured him, Clive suggested executing him for his crimes, something Francine nearly carried out. Later, Clive returned to his normal life, having reconciled his relationship with Francine. (TV: Last of the Time Lords)

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