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Clive Jones was the father of Martha, Tish and Leo Jones and estranged husband to Francine Jones.


Early life[]

Clive married Francine and had three children. The eldest was Letitia, (PROSE: The Pirate Loop) followed by Martha in 1986 (PROSE: Wooden Heart) and Leo in 1987. The couple divorced after Clive cheated on Francine with Annalise, who claimed to have been seduced by him. (TV: Smith and Jones) He became a grandfather circa 2006 when Leo had a daughter, Keisha. (PROSE: Martha Jones' MySpace blog)

Saxon and the Year That Never Was[]

In 2008, Clive paid for half of Leo's twenty-first birthday party, to which he insisted on taking Annalise. An argument started after Annalise said that Martha was lying about being taken to the Moon, after which Annalise ran off and Clive went after her, despite saying he was putting his foot down. (TV: Smith and Jones)

Clive and Francine attempted to bring Martha home from her adventures with the Tenth Doctor per Harold Saxon's plans. Initially playing along, he shouted at Martha to run, prompting the arrest of himself, Francine and Tish. As he was dragged away, he blamed the people nearby for voting for Saxon's party. The trio were taken to the Valiant where they saw the Toclafane descend on the Earth, (TV: The Sound of Drums) as well as the other horrors of the Year That Never Was, including the burning of Japan.

Made a slave to the Master like the rest of his family, Clive was forced to clean and repair the Valiant during the year. When the Doctor and Martha stopped the Master's planned invasion of the universe and captured him, Clive suggested executing him for his crimes, something Francine nearly carried out. Later, Clive returned to his normal life, having reconciled his relationship with Francine. (TV: Last of the Time Lords)

In 2009, Martha told the Doctor that her family were "not so bad" and were recovering from the ordeal. (TV: The Sontaran Stratagem)


Whilst Tish believed that Annalise was frittering away all of hers, Martha's and Leo's inheritance, Clive seemed ignorant to the fact and continued to take her shopping. (TV: Smith and Jones) Aboard the Valiant, however, he and Francine came back together. (TV: Last of the Time Lords)