Clive Finch was a parallel universe counterpart of N-Space's Clive Finch. Unlike his N-Space counterpart, Clive never married and had no children. As the 2005 Nestene invasion of Earth never occured in his universe, Clive was not killed.

In 2009, Rose Tyler used the dimension cannon to take him back with her to Pete's World, while his Earth was doomed to extinction as its sun was extinguished. (AUDIO: The Endless Night)

Through Rose, Clive learnt that his counterpart had a family before his untimely death. He accompanied Rose on her trip to the next parallel universe in her search for the Tenth Doctor in N-Space. There, he tracked down the counterpart of his father, Gary Finch; learning that this Gary had no children, Clive realised that he had no counterpart in this universe. He then met Caroline, the counterpart of Clive's wife in N-Space. (AUDIO: The Flood) When Pete Tyler accompanied Rose to the third universe, Clive remained in Pete's World, where he assumed Pete's role as Control. (AUDIO: Ghost Machines)

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