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Cleopatra "Cleo" Hunsicker was a 21st century human.

Both she and her mother were members of a cult led by Erik Ulfriksson and Hanif. (COMIC: The Fountains of Forever)

She also had an agreement with Mr Ebonite to submit to him all artefacts of no interest to the cult. (COMIC: Cindy, Cleo and the Magic Sketchbook)

Cleo was sent by the cult to acquire an extraterrestrial artefact sold at an auction in the Ebonite Rooms where she bumped into the Tenth Doctor, who got interested in the same artefact. They somewhat awkwardly teamed up and tracked the artefact to the apartment of Dorothy Bell. There Cleo succeeded in snatching the artefact for herself after first knocking the Doctor out, then trying to shoot Vivian and, finally, using the artefact on Dorothy's personal assistant, turning her into a baby, on the Doctor, causing him to retro-regenerate into the Ninth Doctor, and then on Dorothy, rendering her unconscious. As a side effect, Cleo's own scar, left by her ex-boyfriend, has disappeared. She brought the artefact to Erik and Hanif, who accused her of depleting the artefact. Soon after that, she pointed out a burst of energy with the same signature emanating from Dorothy Bell's building. (COMIC: The Fountains of Forever)

Cleo's cult believed that the Osirans were gods. They wanted to acquire this artefact to let them communicate with their gods and earn ascension as a reward. When Cleo, Erik and Hanif were taken by the Seeker to an Osiran mothership, they realised that their deities were just powerful aliens and met the last one of them, Anubis. (COMIC: Spiral Staircase)

After the Tenth Doctor convinced Anubis to wait instead of risking to destroy the whole universe, the Doctor returned Cleo, Cindy Wu and Erik Ulfriksson to Earth in his TARDIS. (COMIC: Sins of the Father)

Immediately after their return, Cleo was confronted in Sunset Park by Mr Ebonite who demanded to have Gabby Gonzalez's journal that she gave to Cindy for safekeeping. Cleo tried to defend Cindy from Mr Ebonite and his Skull. (COMIC: Cindy, Cleo and the Magic Sketchbook)

While taking a break in Sunset Park after the death of Roscoe Ruskin, the Tenth Doctor briefly took Cleo on a few adventures including an Ogrons' Poet Group and the Guild of Unfeasible Mirthcasters. (COMIC: Revolving Doors, The Good Companion)

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