Claudia was a young widow who was a friend of the Eighth Doctor. On 28 May 1976, the Doctor was spending time with Claudia in England. The Doctor later told Deborah Castle about Claudia. (PROSE: Father Time) Marnal included Claudia on a list of the Doctor's companions. (PROSE: The Gallifrey Chronicles)

Behind the scenes Edit

The mentions of Claudia in the novels Father Time and The Gallifrey Chronicles are a reference to Portia Da Costa's 1997 erotic novel The Stranger, published by Virgin Books under their Black Lace range of books after the Doctor Who license expired. It features the rich 42-year-old widow Claudia Marwood who has sex several times with a wounded and amnesiac stranger named Dr. Paul Bowman. The character is described as wearing a velvet Edwardian frock coat, skittish about the word "doctor", potentially telepathic, and carrying a golden fob watch that says "Paul". He also recall events similar to that of Doctor Who.

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