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Classmates was a YouTube series on the official Doctor Who YouTube channel, in which selected fans called "classmates" discussed the latest episodes of Class.

Initially, the episodes featured various fans giving their views on the episodes but after episode three, this was changed to just featuring one "classmate" being focused on every episode to discuss the show.



# Name Classmate(s) Episode Full video Release date
1 For Tonight We Might Die - Reaction
Lucy, Caroline, Will, Crispy, Jacob, Dominic, George, Tom, Jenny, Joe
For Tonight We Might Die For_Tonight_We_Might_Die_-_Reaction_-_Classmates 25 October 2016
2 The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo - Reaction
Lucy, Caroline, Will, Crispy, Jake, Dominic, George, Tom, Jenny, Joe
The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo The_Coach_With_The_Dragon_Tattoo_-_Reaction_-_Classmates 27 October 2016
3 Nightvisiting – Reaction
Lucy, Caroline, Will, Crispy, Jake, Dominic, George, Tom, Jenny, Joe
Nightvisiting Nightvisiting_–_Reaction_–_Classmates 1 November 2016
4 Co-Owner Of A Lonely Heart - Reaction George Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart Co-Owner_Of_A_Lonely_Heart_-_Reaction_-_Classmates 8 November 2016
5 Brave-ish Heart - Reaction Karli Brave-ish Heart Brave-ish_Heart_-_Reaction_-_Classmates 15 November 2016
6 Detained - Reaction Georgie Detained Detained_-_Reaction_-_Classmates 22 November 2016
7 The Metaphysical Engine, Or What Quill Did - Reaction Christel The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did The_Metaphysical_Engine,_Or_What_Quill_Did_-_Reaction_-_Classmates 29 November 2016
8 The Lost - Reaction
Christel, Luke
The Lost The_Lost_-_Reaction_-_Classmates 7 December 2016

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